DiaMond RF Metal

The DiaMond RF Metal is a high-end antenna solution offering an excellent mix of protection and design. The combination of stainless steel and clear acrylic demonstrates a stylish character in today’s modern luxury stores. This system is prepared to allocate bags & coats covered with aluminum foil.

The metal detection is integrated in the antenna to detect anyone entering the store with these prepared bags or coats. Next to an optical alarm the system transmits an alarm code, which can be received by a pager which then produces discretely an audible and vibration alarm. The metal detection system also has a relay which can be connected with a CCTV system when required.  

Technical Specifications

 DC RF software features consist of:

  • slaving option         
  • buzzer time
  • buzzer tune
  • relay output
  • lamp time
  • lamp intensity
  • lamp frequency
  • alarm counters readable through network
  • people counter readable through network
  • restart counter readable through network
  • log file radable through network


  • Metal detection is standard integrated in the antenna



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