NEN Testers

NEN Testers

NEN Testers

Safety tests are yearly recurring events that can absorb lots of precious time from Material Managers.

Dialoc ID has selected the SafetyPAT™ 3140 from Nieaf Smitt for NEN 3140 testing of powertools in the world of construction.The Safetypat 3140™ NEN tester connects via bluetooth with handheld mobile UHF readers, such as the Powerline Ecco™ from Panmobile.

Powertools tagged with Dialoc ID’s special on-metal UHF RFID tags can now be encoded by the handheld readers with specific identifiers that connect the tool with the corresponding test certificate that is stored in the SafetyPAT™ 3140.

SafetyPAT™ unique features include:

  • Memory for 50.000 test certificates
  • Build in Digital Camera for storage of 2000 pictures
  • Clear full color LCD screen

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