Nowadays the call to optimize production processes, flexibility and efficiency in logistics is louder than ever. The high overhead cost in our part of the world in comparison to the cheap labour countries force us to change our view on output, sustainable packaging & waste management, material management & handling, resource planning, R&D, warrantee procedures and stock positions. The main goal is more quality in all aspects for less cost.

Dialoc ID has many years of comprehensive experience in developing and implementing track and trace solutions using RFID technology. Applications vary from Waste Management by means of RFID identification on containers, following production processes in the food industry, automation of dynamic bill of materials in automotive production, to the RFID controlled lab environment in the milk industry and recycling industrial waste products.

Dialoc ID delivers a wide range of RFID readers, antennas and handheld computers to provide the necessary tools for tracking and tracing, as well as a wide variation of all kinds of tags and labels which are typical for these applications.


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About dialoc id

Dialoc ID has its head office in Harderwijk, the Netherlands with partners in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and America.

Dialoc ID is a leading manufacturer of innovative library, retail and industrial solutions using EM (electromagnetic), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Hybrid(EM & RFID) technology.

Worldwide partners

The Dialoc ID products are sold, installed and serviced through our network of official partners located all around the world.

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